Buying Our Daylilies

Between  the smaller size of our gardens and our HOA restrictions, we’ve made other arrangements for our own daylily sales. Our introductions are made through Manatawny Creek Farm in Oley, PA.  Manatawny was founded in 1999 by Pete Misiazek, and sold to Tim and Michelle Glick when Pete retired after the 2006 season.  Glick’s Manatawny Creek Farm is across the road from Glick Nursery and Greenhouse.   In addition to our introductions, they have a large collection of northern-hardy daylilies from other hybridizers, including many Stout introductions.   They do both mail-order and internet-order sales.  

•  You can order by going to, Click on ORDER FORM, enter the names of OUR INTROS you’d like to purchase, and pay with PayPal, Money Order, or Check.

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