Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest (Brown,Thad - 2018)

Tetraploid 28”, Mid Season, Dormant, 7”, 3 way branching, 15 buds. Fertile both ways. Reblooms

(Velvet Throne x Larry’s Twilight Bite)

The large 7” Flowers of DADDY DEAREST are a rich and very dark velvety blood red. The color is remarkably saturated. The flowers have a darker current red eye and a green chevron throat. The heavily ruffled petals are edged in a white wire edge displaying miniature white teeth. The flowers are easily fertile both ways, and the plants are cold hardy and have very good rust resistance. The tall, beautifully branched scapes have 3 laterals plus top branching. DADDY DEAREST moved our red breeding program into a whole new dimension, with large, clear, deeply saturated, velvety reds. An enormous break in red breeding, anxiously awaited by many hybridizers and a must for any red breeding program. The plant habit is dormant allowing for nice clean blue green foliage especially in the early spring. Plants are hardy and increase modestly in our zone 6 garden. With Larry’s Twilight Bite in its lineage , those looking to breed for teeth won’t want to miss this stunning velvety red. Named to honor my father in law , a man with a big heart.

Mommy Dear’s Smile (Brown,Thad 2018)

Tetraploid 40”, Mid Season, dormant, 8”, 3 way branching, 15-17 buds. Fertile both ways.

(Forestlake Ragamuffin x Webster’s Pink Wonder)

Named in honor of my mother in law this lovely flower is sure to warm your heart. Big ,soft and with potential for toothy breeding , MOMMY DEAR’S SMILE definitely puts on a show in the garden. The large 8” blooms are ruffled along the edge and are a shell pink with darker pink eye, and glowing gold throat. So soft and cheerful in the garden; everything about this daylily makes you want to smile. The Large pastel flowers sit neatly above straight upright scapes that are well branched and generously budded. MOMMY DEAR’S SMILE is a dormant plant that is a modest increaser and very hardy in our Zone 6 garden. Coming from two great parents including a Stout medal winner, this plant is for the daylily connoisseur looking for stellar plant habits or the hybridizer looking to add both teeth and size into their program.