Forever Princess

Forever Princess(Brown, Thad-2017)

5.75” blooms on 36” scapes, Dormant, Tetraploid, 18 buds, 3 branches, Early midseason, Rebloomer, Lavender purple with grape purple eye, green to yellow throat, and tricolored and ruffled edges.

(Ashcombe’s Enchanting Delight x Spiny Sea Urchin)

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As a parent, FOREVER PRINCESShas given me quite an assortment of patterned flowers with teeth.Adormant and a great performer here in our tough, up-and-down, Pennsylvania winters. If you’re into lavenders, purples, patterns, and/or teeth, you will enjoy growing ourFOREVER PRINCESS.Fertile both ways.

     With nicely arching foliage in the garden, this light lilac daylily with a lavender eye has a faint outer etching in purple above a large green throat.FOREVER PRINCESSis a large slightly recurved flower with a triple ruffled edging of purple, lavender and blue. It is outlined in soft yellow and often has small teeth. Scapes are tall and straight and nicely branched.