Mommy Dear's Smile

Mommy Dear’s Smile (Brown,Thad 2018)

Tetraploid 40”, Mid Season, dormant, 8”, 3 way branching, 15-17 buds. Fertile both ways.

(Forestlake Ragamuffin x Webster’s Pink Wonder)

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Hybridizer's Note:

     This lovely flower is sure to warm your heart. Big ,soft and with potential for toothy breeding , MOMMY DEAR’S SMILE definitely puts on a show in the garden. The large 8” blooms are ruffled along the edge and are a shell pink with darker pink eye, and glowing gold throat. So soft and cheerful in the garden; everything about this daylily makes you want to smile. The Large pastel flowers sit neatly above straight upright scapes that are well branched and generously budded. MOMMY DEAR’S SMILE is a dormant plant that is a modest increaser and very hardy in our Zone 6 garden. Coming from two great parents including a Stout medal winner, this plant is for the daylily connoisseur looking for stellar plant habits or the hybridizer looking to add both teeth and size into their program.

     “Mommy Dear’s Smile”: Every bloom of this vibrant daylily is a radiant tribute to Regina's beloved mother. Her warm and loving smile, like the morning sun, brightens every room she enters. Just as she spreads warmth and joy, the petals of “Mommy Dear’s Smile” unfurl in hues reminiscent of a tropical paradise. Imagine the first rays of dawn:vibrant yellows at the core blend seamlessly into soft pinks and corals at the edges. Each petal is a brush stroke of kindness, and the fragrance carries the sweetness of her laughter. Generosity flows through the flower, much like the countless blooms that adorn its sturdy stems. In the garden, it stands tall, a beacon of beauty and grace. Its presence echoes her personality—a glowing light that illuminates the greenery around it. Just as she shares her love freely, the daylily offers its blossoms generously to all who behold it.