Vascular Vixen

Vascular Vixen(Brown, Thad-2017)

5.75” blooms on 31” scapes, Dormant, Tetraploid, 15 - 20 buds, 3 - 4 branches, Midseason, Rebloomer, Blood Red with darker red veins and spots, bright green to yellow throat, and thick ruffled edges.

(Sundried Tomatoes x (Roger Herr x Alexa Kathryn))

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     The glowing red flowers have a bold green to yellow throat, are uniquely ruffled, and have a white-wired edge with red hooks and knobs. This is rare to come by in a northern hardy daylily. Plants are big and healthy with arching blue-green DORMANT foliage. The 31” scapes are straight and tall, with beautifully spaced 3-4 way branching and 15-20 buds. Mildly fragrant and fertile both ways.

     Deep blood red5.75 - 6” flowers radiating like lava,Vascular Vixenhas always been my favorite. Large, robust blooms with deeper crimson-colored veins and spots make it distinctive. It looks as if blood was rushing to the heartto sustain life.Of thousands of daylilies in my garden,nothingcan be mistaken forVascular Vixen.