Our Story

     Greetings, Daylily Friends! My name is Thaddeus Brown and my lovely wife is Regina. We have 4 beautiful children, a beautiful niece who we’ve adopted and a handful of cute little Guinea pigs.

Together, as a family, we all live in our home in Berks County Pennsylvania. We are about an hour drive west of the city of Philadelphia, in the peaceful hilly town of Douglassville. Our warm, comfy home is tucked into a quiet neighborhood and our small to modest sized property is nestled into a large slope that drops away in the rear of the yard allowing for a nice elevation. The property wraps the house with bountiful lush gardens on all four sides, overflowing with Daylilies, Hibiscus, Banana Trees and many other perennials and you guessed it, MORE daylilies! There are stunning distant views of the surrounding hills, mountains and trees.


     Our home and garden has ‘forever’ been a place of love and support for our family, neighbors & friends of all kinds. As a family, we strive to keep the Lord at the center of everything that we do. Included in that, is working hard as a family to keep our garden looking ‘forever beautiful’ and lush as well as keeping our Daylilies growing, healthy, strong and ‘forever robust’!


     With a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design from Temple University, I’ve ‘forever enjoyed’ and had a love for both plants and beauty. So with that line of thought, ‘Hemerocallis’, which means ‘beauty for a day’ was right in line with what I already ‘forever loved’. Regina , who always had a love for family, homemaking and baking, also really enjoyed flowers, gardens, beauty and entertaining as well, and grew into a very talented gardener.


     As gardeners in our new home, we started out with ‘Hyperion’ and ‘Stella d oro’ as our first garden plants. After purchasing a robust potted Daylily from a local garden center called ‘Jen Melon’, we recalled the Intense color, bloom size, and branching potential of Daylilies! And then after acquiring ‘Mary Todd’ a Stout winner, we became really intriguing and started to do some research on what would become our ‘forever passion’!


     For Regina and I, this passion began in 2004, when we discovered a daylily farm not too far from home located in Oley PA called Manatawny Creek Farm that is now owned and operated by our friends Tim and Michelle Glick.

It gave us a sense of excitement to walk the MANY rows of their bright and sunny daylily beds! At the farm, the flowers were SO APPEALING that we were not content with purchasing just four or five daylilies, so we bought fifty!

     We continued adding to our collection and made trips to other daylily farms, such as Dr. Darrel Apps’ farm in Bridgeton, New Jersey. We also traveled to every garden center within a 80 mile radius hoping to discover a new daylily variety to add to our ‘forever-expanding’ flower garden including those of ‘Hardy Hems’. This included The Kendig’s of York PA and the late Don Herr of Lancaster, PA. Once we found internet-order daylilies, the selections were ‘forever endless’ and we soon filled our ENTIRE property with hundreds & hundreds of the most gorgeous and UNIQUE daylily cultivars in the trade.

     Regina and I soon realized the uniqueness of daylily friends as we got involved in the local club and Regional & National Meetings. It was through our love of daylilies that we made our ‘forever friends’. Our garden was then listed, as an open garden for the Region 3 meeting. Regina and I volunteered and worked rigorously for the Region 3 when i accepted the volunteer position of Regional Publicity Director and served the Region for many years, writing articles in the publications of the AHS as well as handling the massive job of tabulating the PopPoll each year. Truth is Regina , in her humility, did the majority of the work behind the scenes. Her love for me and our daylily friends was ‘forever abundant’!

     After loosing our minds to these beautiful plants, lol, We began hybridizing daylilies in 2006, after being mentored by our good friend, the late Dr. Don Herr of Lancaster, PA. Our interest in creating new and cutting-edge daylilies through hybridizing has grown ever stronger. We introduced our first daylily cultivars in 2015 and we’re extremely proud of them...And we have introduced Daylilies ever since. Our emphasis has been on larger bloom size, toothy edges, blue eyes, green throats, sculpting. Being in zone 6b, one of our most important goals was northern ‘forever hardiness’ and vigor!

     When I started having intense Migraine attacks and severe headache episodes that would sometimes last days, causing me to lose focus, time and causing anxiety as well. As a result I got laid off from my day job of 18 years at a reputable landscape design & build firm. It was a devastating blow to me, and felt like I had the wind knocked out of my sails, but Regina in her loyalty, was there to support me every step of the way.


     Regina immediately jumped into action to help pick up my slack in that transition period. This was when HER business, ‘Forever Daylily Gardens’ was forged and formed. Out of love for her family and our Garden, my kind hearted wife selflessly gave it her all! Regina would slave by day in the heat, weeding, digging and making crosses all while caring for the kids as I was trying find help, relief and medical attention for my ongoing debilitating and excruciating migraine episodes. Meanwhile, with advice and guidance from me, my son Michael launched a lawn service in Philly to help us make ends meet. By evening, Regina would do so many other administrative things. Regina built this web site and started a blog, she began selling on the Lily Auction and became known as ‘Lilymomma’ to many online buyers who grew to love her friendly spirit and generous way.

     Things were looking brighter and brighter as the family business grew and we finally were able to keep up with the bills. All of our kids and my niece and especially my oldest son Michael and oldest daughter Gina were very instrumental in helping to support the family and care for our beautiful garden and business. That’s when disaster ‘forever changed’ our lives.

     Around the beginning of the New Year of January - February 2021, my kind hearted wife Regina was sadly diagnosed with an aggressive stage 3 Breast Cancer that had spread into most of her lymph nodes. Our lives seemed to have shattered into a thousand pieces with this news. Feb 19th 2021 was the first of many invasive and painful surgeries for Regina, and and the beginning of a very long uphill battle of fighting cancer, with chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal therapy, multiple other surgeries and battling painful infections and many other things.

     Gratefully, Regina is still with us today and still battling her demon cancer. We remain hopeful and faithful to God dispite all these hardships. God has Blessed us along this difficult journey of faith. We (the family) all continue to work hard at taking care of ‘Forever Daylily Gardens’ , all the plants especially the Daylilies, our customers and most importantly my ‘Forever Princess’, Queen, and Kind hearted wife Regina!

     So many of our daylily friends and customers have been with us ‘since forever’. Regina & I and the kids have as much love for our loyal repeat customers as we have passion and love for our daylilies! During this most difficult part of the journey, we are truly humbled and so very thankful for all the support we have received from the daylily community in Regina’s battle with cancer. We are ‘forever grateful’ to our very kind friends like Michael Miller, Angie Hyepock, Robert Scott and Mike Longo for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of and sell on their Facebook groups and Internet sales platforms & auction pages. This was and still is truly a blessing to be able to reach so many and share BEAUTY ‘forever’!

     We hope you enjoy our updated website and we are certain that their is something beautiful waiting for you here in our garden of lush and gorgeous Daylilies. Please let us know what we can share with you and how we may serve you.

 -Thaddeus, Regina & Family

Love from the Forever Daylily Family!

Photo taken from the Mount Washington Hotel.


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