Fuji Screams Forever

Fuji Screams Forever(Brown, Thad- 2015)

height 30 in, bloom 6.5 in, season M, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 25 buds, 5 branches, Bright orange with scalloped, knobby and toothy red edge and orange throat.

(Gretchen Apps x Primal Scream)

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Standing 30 inches tall with a 6.5-inch bloom, it mirrors the grandeur of that majestic peak he so loved. Each of the 25 buds and 5 branches is a testament to his enduring legacy; as fragrant as the memories he left behind.

     “Fuji Screams Forever”: Every bloom of this vibrant daylily is a vivid echo of my brother Bart’s adventurous spirit. Its bright orange petals, kissed with a scalloped, knobby, and toothy orange/red edge, scream out like his soul did when he climbed Mount Fuji.