Peachy Punch

Peachy Punch (Brown,Thad - 2019)

Tetraploid 28”, Early-Mid Season, dormant, 4.75”, 3 way branching, 13-15 buds. Fertile both ways. Rebloom.

(Rock Solid x Gretchen Apps)

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The gold throat gives the whole bloom a vibrant glow. The modest 4.75” flowers sit neatly above straight, upright scapes that are well branched. There may not be a heavy bud count, but that is surpassed by the extreme number of scapes it throws up. PEACHY PUNCH is a dormant plant that is a vigorous increaser and hardy in Zone 6.

     With rapid rebloom this daylily was the energizer bunny of the garden. The blooms are peach with a lavender purple eye and lavender and gold edge.